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February 2007




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Feb. 11th, 2007


mp3 and other stuffs for share!!

i've juz opened my new LJ
more than 2500+ of Johnnys' / J-POP / J-ROCK and also K-POP
are available for download and request !!

clicky click ^o^

Nov. 1st, 2006

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[PJE] Join Form

Read the rules, if you haven't already done so. If you're new to TCGs, you can also check out the How To. If you have any more questions, check the FAQ.

To join, just fill out the form below, and post it in a new comment ^_^

Name: (In case you want to be called by a different name than your username.)
Main Page: (If your LJ is dedicated to the TCG, leave this blank. If you're posting TCG collections in your personal journal, put the link to your collections page, OR if you have many collections pages, link to a master page that links to those collections.)
Referred by: (Leave blank if no one referred you.)
Favorite JE band: (Juniors are accepted as well!)
Favorite JE: (Yes, juniors are accepted.)
Collecting: (What deck/s are you planning to collect? Check out the card decks here.)

Wait for a reply, where we will send you your starter pack.

Please be patient, because we also have school and work =)

Oct. 31st, 2006

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[PJE] How To

So how does an online TCG work? It's pretty much the same as the actual TCG. You collect cards, trade them, and play games to increase the number of your cards, and maybe complete a deck!

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Pocket JE Welcome

Hello everyone! Thanks for stumbling into this community! ^_^

We've been wanting to create a JE-related community, and we thought up of putting the traditional TCG (trading card game) with JE boys--which brings us Pocket JE *clap clap clap*

Anyway, don't worry if you have no experience with TCGs, 'coz I don't either ^^; However, heybiffi would be assisting us as she used to play TCGs herself. So the only requirement here is that you like JE guys! Whee!

Well, that's it for the welcome note. I hope you guys find this community fun--although this is the first time we're opening our own community. Please bear with us, ne? Hopefully we can make Pocket JE fun for everyone.

Thanks again, and please join the community if you find the idea interesting enough =)

Ja minna!