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February 2007



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[PJE] How To

So how does an online TCG work? It's pretty much the same as the actual TCG. You collect cards, trade them, and play games to increase the number of your cards, and maybe complete a deck!

After your application has been processed, you will receive a starter pack, which contains 7 cards. You should put this up on your LJ. (Put up simply means to upload the images and display them on your page.) From here, you can trade, play games, contribute to the community, and others.

How do you gain more cards? Mostly by playing games. Check the community, and look for posts tagged [Game]. There are various games to participate in (we'll let you discover them for yourself ^_~). To answer a game question, just post a comment. (Comments are screened so no one else will see your answer except you and the moderators.) Always check the game status; some games are open only to the first x participants, first x correct answers, or for a certain time limit. If a game is closed, answering will not give you any rewards. (Sometimes, when a lot of people post at the same time, you might not make it to the cut-off!)

Watch out for the moderators' reply to your answer. They will either tell you that your answer is correct and give you your prize, or tell you that your answer is incorrect. (Remember to upload images to your own server/host!)

Since prizes in games are random, completing a certain deck may be hard! This is where trading is important. You can browse through the members list and check their collection; they may have what you're looking for. Or you can post in the community (tagging your post with a [Trade]), state the card you're looking for (and maybe what you're willing to offer), and wait for someone to reply. (Don't be sad when no one replies; maybe no one has that card yet!) Don't forget to add a link to your page/LJ so that potential traders can see what they like from your collection.

Of course, you can also look at other people's trade requests so you can help them!

How do you complete a deck? When you have collected the 25 cards in that deck (20 common and 5 rare), post a reply here, and your name will be listed in the deck's page! Plus, you get a shiny badge =) And of course, a few rewards ^_~

Note: When you complete a deck, you can't trade away the cards from that deck anymore!

When playing games, you may notice that you also get coupons. Coupons can be exchanged for cards in the Coupon Station. You can also trade coupons for cards or other coupons with other members.

You can also contribute! We are constantly looking for improvements, ideas, and whatnots; we give prizes to contributions we like, of course! Check this list for things you can contribute to the community. Also check new posts, where an opportunity to contribute may come up, which are not listed in the contribution list.

That's about it! If you have other questions, check out the FAQ. (You can also ask questions there.)