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Pocket JE

A JE Online TCG

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First, a welcome note from the founder of PJE.

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Welcome to Pocket JE! What exactly is Pocket JE? Basically, PJE is an online/virtual TCG (trading card game) where you get to collect, trade and complete cards or decks featuring the dashing boys from Johnny's Entertainment. It sounds like fun, no? And joining is as easy as...staring at your favorite JE guy!

Community Rules

1. Anyone may join/watch the community; all members have posting access immediately. What can/should you post?
1.a. Non-players: JE-related discussions
1.b. Players: what non-players can post + PJE-related discussions, trade offers/requests

2. To play, you must first join the TCG. Read the “Joining” section below. (If you're new to the TCG concept, read the “How To” too.)

3. Be nice to everyone—moderators and fellow members alike. We won't elaborate on GMRC, but please use common sense and don't be mean.

4. Keep the community G-rated. (No, we don't approve of romantic relationships between JE boys.)


Before you join, you must read the game rules below. Doing so won't only keep the community more organized; it'll also help you play and enjoy the TCG better.

1. You must have a LiveJournal account, where you can keep track of your collection. You can easily sign up for one for free. You don't need a whole new journal dedicated to the TCG; you can post your collection in your existing journal. (If you don't want to join LJ, you can still play and host your collection on your own website, but an LJ account will make trading and other stuff easier.)

2. Don't cheat. That means:
2.a. You cannot take cards from the archive.
2.b. You cannot magically have a card you don't.
2.c. You cannot share game answers to other members.
2.d. When trading, you obviously have to remove from your collection the card you traded away.
You can cheat if you really, really want to, but what's the point in playing if you do?

3. Please keep a trade log, so we know which cards you have traded for what with whom, and/or what cards you have gained. If you don't wish to keep a trade log, you must at least write the last date you updated.

4. Update at least once a month. We don't check the active members strictly every month, but when we do, and find you inactive, well...we'll send you a quick note. If you wish to quit, please tell us. If you don't reply after a pretty long time, we'll (sadly) take you off the members list.

5. Link back to this community from your LJ, so visitors would know what's up with all the cards! =) You can optionally use a member badge.

6. Please don't direct-link the cards and images. Upload them to your own server or image host.

7. Only one account per person.

Read all of them? Good. Now fill up the application here, and wait for your starter pack!